Time Card Form

To submit your Time Card, use the form below.

Unless you have arranged to have your paycheck directly deposited or personally picked up on Friday,
your check will be mailed to the most recent address you have provided for us.


  • I hereby certify that the hours shown were worked by me during the week ending shown above and were properly verified by an authorized representative of the named company at the bottom hereof. I understand I am to contact the Action Employment Services, Inc. office after completing the assignment to determine if there is other work available for me. I agree that if I do not contact Action Employment Services upon completion of an assignment they can assume I am not available for employment. Employee certifies no accident or injury was sustained while working on the assignment unless so noted in the ‘comments’ section.
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  • Unsigned time cards will be returned without a paycheck. Alterations will void the time card.

  • DateTime StartedTime FinishedLess LunchHours Worked
  • DateTime StartedTime FinishedLess LunchHours Worked
  • DateTime StartedTime FinishedLess LunchHours Worked
  • DateTime StartedTime FinishedLess LunchHours Worked
  • DateTime StartedTime FinishedLess LunchHours Worked
  • DateTime StartedTime FinishedLess LunchHours Worked
  • DateTime StartedTime FinishedLess LunchHours Worked
  • It is agreed that the above named employee will not be taken into the permanent employment by the so named client company without contacting Action Employment Services, Inc. to establish fair compensation for losses incurred in the charges not to exceed state usury laws as well as collection fees, advertising, screening, testing , interviewing, and assigning of said employee attorney's fees, court costs, and any other cost regarding to referred to as ‘liquidated damages’ or conversion policy.
    It is hereby certified by the client company that the above hours are correct and that work was performed by the above-named person in a satisfactory manner. We agree to be bound by the terms and conditions printed on the opposite side.
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  • Timecard Deadlines/Instructions:

    The timecard deadline is Monday at 9:15am. If your timecard is not received prior to 9:15am, you have the following two options to receive your paycheck.
    1.) You can wait until next week and this paycheck will be grouped with next week’s paycheck.
    2.) You may pay a fee of $25 to have your check cut in-house and receive it as normally scheduled. The $25 will be deducted from your paycheck automatically.
    A completed timecard, including all signatures is required. It is your responsibility to make sure we have received your timecard by 9:15am on Monday.
    • If you fax or email in your timecard, we will send you a confirmation email to let you know that it was received.
    • We mail paychecks on Thursdays unless otherwise asked in writing to hold in our office. If you would like it held, it is your responsibility to email the request to: timecards@actionemployment.net
    • Please contact our Office Coordinator, if you have any other questions/concerns.

    • To ensure all of our employees gain the most from our efforts and have a wonderful experience using our services we ask that you read and acknowledge the following expectations:

      When on assignment:
    • If you are unable to make it to work or if you will be tardy you are required to call a representative at Action Employment no later than 30 minutes before your start time. This includes scheduled vacations, sickness, flat tires and all the other reasons. Failure to do so will be considered job abandonment and may result in Action not being able to represent you again.
    • Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to an assignment. Make sure you have directions, dependable transportation, contact name and phone number.
    • While on assignment for Action dress neatly and professionally and always keep a positive attitude at work
    • Do not get involved in office gossip or office politics.
    • Do not use the internet (searching the web, email, etc.) for personal use. It is recommended that you never use company email for personal reason.

    • Zero Tolerance Policy! We expect you to treat this position as a permanent opportunity. We want you to be happy!! If you have any problems or concerns while on assignment please call or email us. The happier you are, the happier our clients will be and the better overall experience for everyone.
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