Hiring can be hard; we’re here to make your job easier! We lessen the burden by doing all the recruiting for you – placing ads, reading resumes, interviewing, scheduling interviews, checking references, background/drug screening and skills checking – you tell us how much or how little you want to have done and we cover it!  We are happy to cater our services to what fits your business best. Call us at (503) 275-9011 to discuss any or all of the following services:

  • Direct Hire
  • Temp-To-Hire
  • Early Conversion
  • Temporary
  • Special Requests

Or contact us if you have any questions.

Our Services

Direct Hire

You directly hire the person onto your payroll. The client pays a service charge based on the percentage of the candidate’s starting annual salary. We offer you a guarantee of 90 calendar days and 100% credit towards replacing that position. The benefit of this option is you gain access to the entire candidate pool, including candidates who are currently employed.


This option allows the client to have the candidate on Action Employment Services’ payroll for 90 calendar days. Upon notification by the client to Action Employment Services on the 91st day, the candidate will be transferred to the client’s payroll at no additional cost to the client.

Early Conversion

This option allows the client to convert the contracted Temp-To-Hire candidate at an earlier time than the 90 calendar days. You will pay a conversion charge based on the amount of time the temporary employee worked at your facility. There is a limited guarantee with this option.


This option allows clients the opportunity to evaluate the position and the person in the position. Clients choose this option when they need short-term help (vacation replacement, seasonal assistance) and are not seeking to hire someone on permanently. Job seekers like this option because it allows them the chance to “preview” a job and a company before making a decision.

Emergency Temporary Help

Our office is open at 8:00am in the event you need someone out there immediately. Our Emergency Temporary help can usually be available within an hour notice. Many of our Emergency Temporary Employees are, ‘Tried and True’; meaning, they have worked for us before and we are confident in their abilities to get the job done and do a great job for you.

Special Requests

Special requests are positions that are out of our normal recruitment market that we are doing for our loyal clients.

Triple Screening Process

Surprise parties are fun, but being surprised about your employees past or lack of ability to make it to work is not. Action takes multiple steps to ensure there are no surprises, we cover all areas of our candidate’s background and only provide to our client the top candidates available!

  1. We review resumes to ensure they meet Action’s standard of quality, including experience and significant longevity in previous positions.
  2. Every candidate is interviewed IN PERSON. You will expect your employees to go into work; therefore, we screen candidates based on face-to-face communication, promptness and professionalism.
  3. We reference check every candidate.  References keep resumes honest and can tell us more about an individual’s personality, strengths and weaknesses.  We also provide skills testing for most commonly used computer programs and skills.
  4. When you call us and give us an order, we learn as much as we can about your company, the environment, the duties and the intangibles of the employee you are looking to hire. After our candidates pass the first 3 screens, we screen again to make sure they match your requirements before sending you the resumes.
  5. The fifth screening is usually done by our clients. Whether you want to review resumes, do in-person interviews or have us pick someone for you, we assure you that after thorough screening, the candidate chosen for the position will have the skills, abilities and level of experience you need.


Got Staffing Questions? We’ve Got Solutions!

Q. We’re planning to hire a new employee, but we haven’t hired anyone in years. How much should we plan on paying them?

A. This is a common question for small businesses that don’t have a lot of turnover in employees. It’s also a great opportunity for the employer to thoroughly evaluate their needs. Do we need the employee to be full-time? Will the duties be the same? Do we need a different type of professional? Once you’ve determined exactly what is needed you can begin developing the job description. At that point, you’re able to discuss the salary for the position. Working with an employment professional can help with the process, as they’ll be able to share pertinent salary survey information and provide guidance on what the current market looks like. The key is knowing what you want and need out of this new employee, and then presenting the opportunity at a fair and competitive wage.



Q.We are currently interviewing and the people look great on paper, but when we meet them in person, we realize they wouldn’t be a fit with our team. How do we find someone who would be a good long term fit for our team?

A. The biggest reason people don’t stay long is lack of cultural fit with the team or their manager. First, identify what are the most important traits and attributes to fit with your team. Is it someone who does it right the first time, someone who is friendly? Brainstorm all the intangibles and then when you interview you will look for those as well as tangible skills and experience. Having team members assist in the interview process is also effective because different people might pick up on different traits.



Q. I recently tried to hire a great candidate from another company, but after going through the interview process they backed out. How do I prevent this from happening again?

A. Part of the reason a candidate has second thoughts about a new career opportunity or job offer is because they’re basing their decision on emotion rather than facts. A sense of loyalty, feelings of guilt, and fear of change are definite factors. It’s imperative for an employer to understand what the candidate’s motivators are and ensure they can provide the type of employee experience the candidate seeks. Working through an employment and recruiting agency or executive search firm can help minimize the second guessing. They’re going to make sure the candidates presented to the employer know all the facts about the opportunity including compensation, benefits, culture, and growth potential. These firms will also present candidates that have been prescreened and will have already determined what their motivators are.



Q. I am shocked by the quality of resumes when I post a job on a job board. They aren’t even qualified for my position. What is the deal?

A. Screening resumes is the biggest time-consuming task for any hiring manager/recruiter. You can write your ad with more specifics about skills and experience you are looking for and the intangibles you are looking for, but you are still going to get the candidates that will apply when they are under or over qualified. You may want to post an anonymous ad, so you don’t have the task of replying to all the candidates you are not going to interview. Another good choice is using a staffing service. They take that time-consuming task off your plate and do the initial screenings for you. They can also coordinate the interviews for you, and do the background/reference checking and the candidate follow up.



Q.We’ve had difficulty in finding quality candidates for our customer service position. Should we consider changing the job title to attract better candidates?

A. It’s been said that “you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar”. This might be true, but when trying to attract quality employees, it’s the kind of honey that matters. Some candidates are motivated by job titles and prestige, but most want to do something they truly enjoy in an environment where they’re respected, empowered, and appropriately rewarded. When hiring a new employee, employers should focus more on the expected job duties than the job title. If you’re advertising an opening for a Customer Service Rep, but the actual role is more project oriented you might attract the wrong type of candidate. If you’re looking for a Project Assistant or Project Coordinator that provides customer service to clients then advertize it that way. You’ll definitely increase your chances of attracting the kind of candidates you desire and need to fill your opening.


3 weeks ago
I left my time with Action feeling very satisfied. Their staff are all very professional, friendly, and motivated to help. This was my very first experience with a temp agency, and while I went into it with low expectations and a lot of ambivalence, I was really surprised with the level of professionalism and motivation from their recruiters. In the end, I secured a FT direct hire job that was a significant raise for me and was also a job I would have never applied for myself (because I wouldn’t have felt qualified) had Action not submitted my resume on my behalf and rooted for me. Very pleased with their services and so happy with my end results. Thanks, Action!



3 months ago
I worked with Phi. She not only worked diligently to find me a job that was best suited to me, she continues (to this day) to call or email me about once a week to make sure I am happy. She is an excellent communicator. I went through several other staffing agencies that were very flaky and unprofessional. I never got the star-quality treatment I received from Phi. I ONLY refer friends to Action Employment. Don’t go anywhere else!



8 months ago
I have worked with Action Employment for a few months, and I find that they are very warm and supportive people. The few times I have had to refuse temp work because I had another obligation, like a job interview, they have wished me a lot of luck and follow up later to ask how the interviews went. I also feel that they give good advice about resumes, appearance, and interview techniques that I haven’t received from other temp agencies. They know exactly what I am looking for, and don’t offer jobs that are outside my requirements. Unlike a lot of temp agencies I have worked with, I feel that Action Employment cares about me as a person, not as an interchangeable laborer.



8 months ago
Fabulous company! Highly recommend. I’ve been temping through Action for 3 months now. Everyone has been personable and professional from the moment I first made contact. They quickly matched me with the perfect temp job, with the exact number of hours I was hoping for and an excellent hourly rate. Thanks guys!



3 months ago
Action Employment Services, Inc., truely zoned in on my career goals and matched me with the perfect opportunity. They were always willing to help when needed and provided support throughout my entire assignment.



8 months ago
I worked with Marianne, and found her helpful in my employment search.

The Temp-To-Hire approach works well. It gives a person searching for employment an opportunity to view the organizational landscape prior to accepting a job. It provides an opportunity to the applicant to show a prospective employer his/her skills, attitude, and overall proficiency. It is beneficial, as well, to the hiring organization, to be able to end the employment relationship without legal problems if necessary, or bring the employee on board as a permanent employee if it looks like a fit after the 90-day Temp-To-Hire term.



8 months ago
They connected me with a great company and I couldn’t be happier! They are very friendly, very professional, and very fast! Let’s face it, all humans will base their first impression on your appearance -especially hiring managers. If the employees at Action think you need to step up your appearance, they won’t be afraid to let you know! Katie is so down to earth, and knows what it takes to get a position you can be proud to write home about! -Thanks guys!



8 months ago
This small team of highly motivated and bright individuals are fully trained to find the perfect fit for you. They’ve worked above and beyond to find the job that most suites me. I appreciate all that they do. Thank you.




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