About Us

Your Success is Our Success

It’s not a gimmick or line to sell our service, it’s the honest truth. We take your business to heart by treating every placement as if it were staffing for an Action employee. We succeed when we find perfect matches for what your needs are. We won’t be happy until you are happy! What makes us different:

  • One call service – Direct/Permanent Hire; Temp-to-Hire; Temporary; Early Conversion; and Special Request. All your needs are met with one representative; if your main contact isn’t available, anyone at Action Employment will be more than happy to assist you.
  • Our Triple Screening Process – It’s actually Quintuple, but Triple is easier. We screen our candidates five times before they get to you. Read more about this on the Employers Page.
  • No corporate red-tape – We are smaller, local, and FLEXIBLE. Our staff has the ability to meld our services so that you get what you need.
  • We work for FREE – There is no catch. We recruit, interview, screen, test, and coordinate all for free – you only pay us if you want to hire someone. If we are unable to find you a great match, you don’t owe us anything.
  • No Spiels – Yes, we want to meet you eventually, but we don’t need to waste your time telling you how great we are.  When we come out to meet you, it will be short and to the point – it gives us a chance to see your environment and gives you a face to put to our name.  This helps us build the long-term relationships that we are known for.
  • No Contracts – Being able to exclusively recruit for your position makes us feel warm and fuzzy, but ultimately we want what is best for you. If we can’t find the right fit for your position, we hope someone else can or has found it for you already – Your success it what matters.
  • Loving what we do – Our best days are when we can say a match has been made, when clients or candidates call us to tell us the good news. We take your business to heart – we see it as a privilege to provide this service.

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